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Strategy for ICO & Cryptocurrency Using Blockchain Technology

Strategy for ICO & Cryptocurrency Using Blockchain Technology

Cryptocurrency remains hot commodity on present stage. We use investors to continue to get the digital coins and token for his business. It was developed towards the updated technology and undergoing cryptocurrencies funds using blockchain development. Blockchain technology as a Service (BaaS) for creating and holding the untapped data using many investors to see the entrepreneurs using build the technology with high capability and improving the business through inspiring of new vendor products and services to maintain the ideas records which you have started. Plan to get the financial Data: Blockchain technology usually attends the financial sector, but they could transform the number of industries and range from the Internet of Things (IoT) which support to healthcare and from the supply chain to arts and entertainment. Blockchain expert explains the technologies has broad reach comes from its employment to secure and efficient way. To ensure data integrity, transparency, immutability and fairness, across different types of transactions. Existing business functions Ideas: We are the proprietor and managing director of cryptoappfactory.com, and also Blockchain. We can improve an existing business system using pursuing the idea to create a competitive advantage through more efficient accounting processes and solving potential customers’ challenges. We are ready to prove the second point where P2P energy-trading platform, eliminates the middleman from renewable energy sales. And another Blockchain startup provides a platform that seamlessly shares data along supply chains. Investors seem to like the startups’ solutions to everyday problems, awarding more than million to Origin Trail and over million to Power Ledger. Capital fundraising: Ideas to create a new service model and products to launch on your business, we support the capital work concept for better choose blockchain services and support for business. We use Cryptocurrency to get the alternate solution to the traditional funding project. The Cryptocurrency has startups using work capital amount on the direct investment tag using token generation events. The fellows have some policies to maintain and support the project as per legal services. Attain New Customer Services: Blockchain technology has cryptocurrencies model that they could transmit the data into an extended field on market. The Cryptocurrency have private and public investment to verify the transaction on recognizing companies to attract the Bitcoin and other online currency also. It helps to support and translate into sales. According to blockchain tool, we have large media data to highlighted and transmitted on the forum through small family business. The PIVX has storage devices to get a new client and customer in to get the Bitcoin easier and faster on payment modes. Cyber Security Empower: We use half of the Bitcoin to share on private data breaches and half of the data to share on public data breaches. In each company they have some qualify experienced support for learning the business into the next level of approaches. Blockchain technology can be used to reduce your risk of a data breach. Blockchain has enhanced cybersecurity efforts which we have infrastructure, transparency, event tracking, cryptography and other security data sharing information systems. Ensure Bitcoin Privacy: Privacy policies have several complementary tasks on cybersecurity systems. It is an important consideration to follow the particular consumers to purchase the Bitcoin to safeguard your information through online. Bitcoin privacy is very important because even implementing your regulation of your Bitcoin the data protection has many features which we have more strength privacy laws. Blockchain can solve the element by creating and protecting the consumer data attention to build transparency and trust between consumer and brands. We offer a sample of data to share on live idea market using the big platform. The blockchain developers have big user ability to share and store the information on different entities. Global Challenges using Cryptocurrency: At last, we have entrepreneurs who like to capitalize on the employing blockchain technology to build the other places to devastate by natural disasters. We have stated with Forbes who can share the capitalist done on the market using Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, and blockchain. We residents have a panel to interact and reconnect to get the power grid, and also we sell Bitcoin wallet for either local private or public ventures. This blockchain is the easiest way to help the Cryptocurrency platform in the easiest way of response. We offer Bitcoin and other currencies in the market which is empowering your business in an easy manner.

Decentralized Crypto Banking-Crypto App Factory

What is decentralized banking?


Cryptobanks are decentralized platforms that provide the usual services that centralized banks provide, primarily lending services and credit scoring, but essentially cuts out all of the middlemen that a centralized bank uses.


The technology behind credit cards and online payments has driven revenue, business performance, and customer ease-of-access. Just as early industry disruptors such as PayPal transformed the digital system of their time, the modern-day “Crypto-banks” are redefining the current banking operations.


Decentralized crypto banking is making fully integrated crypto-based banking services and payments accessible to every-day users, crypto enthusiasts, or entrepreneurs alike.In this blog, we will discuss how a decentralized crypto banking system can improve the conventional banking process.

Easy Borrowing and Lending Process

Decentralized crypto banking eliminates the involvement of intermediaries, thereby resulting in reduced counterparty risk and making borrowing and lending affordable, faster, and secure.


Decentralized borrowing and lending have the following advantages over the traditional credit system:


a) Collateralization of digital assets

b) Instant transaction settlement

c) Potential standardization in the future

d) No credit checks


Fraud and Cyber Crime Reduction

Built on blockchain technology, the decentralized crypto bank has the potential to reduce fraud in the financial world. Generally, most of the banking platforms around the globe are built on a centralized database. It makes them more vulnerable to cyber-attacks because once hackers breach the database, they have full access to it.

On the other hand, decentralized crypto banking is built on blockchain where all the transactions are distributed on a ledger- where each block contains a timestamp and hold batches of individual transactions with a link of a previous block. This mitigates the risk of cybercrime and makes the platform secure.

Easy KYC (Know Your Customer)

As per the recent report, the financial institutes across the globe spend $60 million to $500 million per year to keep up with the KYC to comply with diligence regulations every year.

The decentralized banking platform eliminates the need for user KYC each time they visit a financial institution to access financial services. Blockchain would allow independent verification of one customer by one company to be accessed by other companies so the KYC process wouldn’t have to start over and over again.

Remove Intermediaries with Smart Contract

A smart contract is a special algorithm that automates contracts like the deal-making process. Such contracts allow users to sell properties, exchange shares, documents, proprietary, or money. One of the most important features of a smart contract is that you won’t need to use any third-party services such as notaries, agents, brokers, and more to make a transaction.

Less Reliance on Cash

Decentralized crypto bank helps in cost reduction. Widespread use of blockchain technology, together with updates of compliance regulations, will enable crypto banks to substitute their own regulated, blockchain-based currencies for notes and coins.

Decentralized Banking Use Cases

In this section, we are going to look into some of the popular DeFi use cases, namely:


  • Borrowing and Lending.

  • Monetary banking services.

  • Decentralized marketplaces.

To Sum Up

It is quite clear that the decentralized crypto banking platform has brought revolutionary changes to the financial sector.


Strengthened by a team of finance and technical experts, we provide complete solutions – from guiding on compliance to acquiring a bank license to providing a white label banking ecosystem packed with all essential banking functions, including bank accounts, credit/debit cards, payments, trading, lending, and user onboarding.


Thanks for reading our Content. To know more about our Services, kindly Visit our Website:

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